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About Addison Hemmert

My name is Addison Hemmert. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I was raised and attended the University of Utah. I love it here, the mountains, the sand dunes and the Great Salt Lake are a short drive away and there is always an activity to do. Because of this, Salt Lake City is a great place to raise my family.

From a young age I have been around computers and I was fascinated with what they can do. I was also involved in art, drawing, painting, and sculpture. As technology developed it allowed me to combine art and computing together. While in college I developed a love for film and video, learning to use cameras and computers to shoot and edit video footage into a story.

Recently, I have become interested in the art and style of the web. Encouraged by others, I began to pursue certification and further my education. My skills in coding are still growing, my site will reflect this. Continually under construction.